Creating Grading Schemas

Grading schemas can be made by going to the grade center, clicking Manage, and then clicking Grading Schemas

Use the following steps to create a customized grading schema in your course:

  1. In the Grade Center, point to Manage on the action bar and click Grading Schemas.
  2. On the Grading Schemas page, click Create Grading Schema on the action bar.

  3. Type a Name. The name appears on the Grading Schemas page and in the drop-down lists for Primary Display and Secondary Display when creating or editing columns in the Grade Center.

  4. In the Schema Mapping section, two default rows appear with ranges of percentages. You can edit the two ranges to customize a Pass/Fail schema.

You can create other types of grading schemas:

Click Insert New Row Here—represented by a left-pointing arrow—to insert more rows for additional values.

Click Delete Row to remove a row from the table.

In the Grades Scored Between boxes, type percentage ranges for the grade values. The percentage range for each grade value must be unique and begin with the lesser value listed first. Also, the values must overlap to avoid gaps that occur when a score falls between two numbers in a range.

In the Will Equal boxes, type the grade values: A,B,C or Pass/Fail or  1,2,3, etc.

In the Will Calculate as boxes, type the percentage values to use if you provide a grade manually.

   5.   Click Submit.

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