Why don't I have access to content (adaptive release)?

It is possible that the content availability dates were set up incorrectly.

If the Instructor or TA has created a content item but the students enrolled in the Blackboard course site are not able to access or see the content item, one of the following maybe the reason:

  1. The content availability or availability dates may be set incorrectly. Click on the Modify button next to the Content Item and make sure that the option, "Make the Content available" is set to "Yes" and also the option "Choose date and time restrictions" have the correct dates setup. If you would not like to use the dates, then uncheck the two check boxes (Display After and Display Until) for this option.


    2. If the content item is present inside a folder, make sure to repeat the earlier step for all the parent folders for the item as well.

    3. Make sure that the settings in the Adaptive Release area of the content item is correct. Click on the Manage button next to the content item and click on Adaptive Release: Advanced. If you see that a rule exists and you do not want to use it, select the rule and click Remove.

NOTE: This information applies to the Original Course View only.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:30 PM
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