Can students hand-write or draw answers in Gradescope?

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This article outlines the two types of Gradescope assignments that work best for handwritten answers.

There are two types of Gradescope assignments that work best when you’re giving an assignment where you’d like students to handwrite their answers: Online Assignments and Exams / Quizzes. Here are the general steps you will take when using each assignment type.

Using Online Assignments

  1. Create a Gradescope assignment. Select Online Assignments as the assignment type. 
  2. Enter the assignment questions directly into Gradescope. Add File Upload fields to questions that require students to give drawn/handwritten answers.
  3. Have students work on the assignment in Gradescope and upload images/files of their drawn/handwritten answers to questions where you added a File Upload field. Students can upload files of any type. 
  4. Have students submit in Gradescope when they are finished. Some types of questions (i.e. multiple choice and short answer questions) will be auto-graded, and you can grade the rest yourself on a rubric. 

Using Exams / Quizzes

  1. Create a Gradescope assignment. Select Exam / Quiz as the assignment type. Select “Student” under Who will upload submissions? Select “Allow students to view and download template” under Template Visibility.
  2. Upload a blank PDF of the assignment to Gradescope and use it to create an outline that gives submission and grading parameters.
  3. Have students download and print the assignment. They will see a link to download the assignment as soon as they open it.
  4. Have students handwrite or draw their answers on the printed assignment.
  5. Have students scan and upload their completed assignments to Gradescope.


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