How can I view survey results in Blackboard's Grade Center?

The results for the survey can be viewed by going into the column statistics for the survey grade column.

Original Course View:

To view the results of a survey:

  1. Access the course site.
  2. In the bottom-left, click on Grade Center, then Full Grade Center.
  3. Locate the column associated with the Survey in question.
  4. Hover your mouse over the column name, and click on the chevron (downwards-facing arrow) to access the options menu.
  5. Select Attempts Statistics.

This will show you the aggregate results for everyone that has taken the survey to date. You can tell who has or has not taken the survey by referring to the green check marks in the cells next to user's names. Every green check mark represents a completed survey.

Note: This Information only applies to the Original Course View. For more information about Test and Surveys options see:

Ultra Course View:

Test and Surveys in Ultra course view have a different user interface. Anonymously submitted surveys aren't supported at this time. For more information about Test and Surveys in Ultra Course View see:


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