How do I record myself and/or a presentation in Panopto?

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A. Installing Panopto

In order to access Panopto, you must have a Blackboard Course. You will find it in the tools section and should link to it there, then follow the prompts to download the software when using the Create> Record Session of Panopto. You do not need to install Panopto if you are just uploading a video.
To get started with accessing Panopto through Blackboard view Steps 1 and 2 on this Technology Solutions Quick Guide.
You can log in directly to Panopto with a Blackboard account here.
Note: The "Panopto System Requirements" before installation.
Learn more about how to install Panopto:

You can visit How to Download and Install Panopto for Windows for further instructions.

You can visit How to Download and Install Panopto for Mac for further instructions

B. Recording Using Panopto

Record your screen with Panopto recorder or you can record video from your device, such as you as the speaker.

Please review these articles on how to do it: 



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