Why don't "some" students have access to my course site?

On occasion some students don't have access to a Blackboard course site. There are a few ways to check the issue.

1. Escalate request to Tier 2 staff (access to Blackboard is needed)

2. It is good to verify which students are having issues seeing the course. Log-in as them to see if they have access. 

3. Verify that they are enrolled and have 'yes' next to their names in Users and Groups. If it is 'no', ask student to contact the registration office to confirm their registration or check if there is an issue with their account. Please have the student take a screenshot of their Banner registration. The reason for this is that unpaid tuition bills will sometimes drop a student.  The registrar may have other reasons to cancel a registration and the student may not know about it.

Note: An instructor might wonder why the number of users does not match the current enrollment number. Users stay set as 'no' after they drop the course- instructors must manually un-enroll users.



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