How do I customize the release of my Blackboard content

Explains how someone can alter the release schedule of content

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When you customize the release of content, you are creating a course that is more interactive and tailored to the needs of individual students. With adaptive release, you can show the appropriate content, to select individuals, at the appropriate time.

You control the availability of content based on a set of rules you create with the following release criteria:


Release an item only on a specified date or time. Options include: on a exact date, until a certain date, or during a defined period of time.

Example: Content is covered in a specific order. You want content available only after it is discussed in class.

Example: Release your final exam during your institution's scheduled exam week.


Release an item to specific users or groups of users.

Example: In your course, you have four groups. You assign each group a different case study. Selective release enables you to show a different, relevant case study assignment to each group.

Example: Specific students request more information on a topic.


Release an item if a specified graded item was attempted or users received a certain score—less than, greater than, equal to, or between. You can also release an item based on a calculated column in the Grade Center.

Example: You create two packages of review materials, suited to student needs. Students who earn at least 70% on the midterm exam receive one package, while those who score 69% or less receive the other.

Review status

Release an item when another content item is marked as reviewed.

Example: To hold students accountable for their progress, require them to read an article and mark it as reviewed before releasing the next content item.

Basic and Advanced Adaptive Release

With basic adaptive release, you can apply one rule to a content item. This rule can contain all four types of criteria, but not multiple instances of the same type. All criteria in the rule must be satisfied before the item is released. The more criteria added to a rule, the more restrictions on the release of that item. This makes it more difficult for users to gain access.  With advanced adaptive release, you can set more complex release criteria. For example, you can add more criteria to a rule, or you can specify different options for releasing the content. 

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Ultra Course View

On the Course Content page, you can access the visibility setting for each item and folder in your content list. In the visibility menu, select Conditional availability to access the item's panel.

You can show, hide, or use rules to release content to students.You can release an item or folder on an exact date, until a certain date, or during a defined period of time.

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