How can I see what students are underperforming in my course?

There are several ways to look at student activity on Blackboard to check how students are doing; however, please note that if you use tools that are not part of Blackboard for any part of your courses (e.g. Piazza, GSuite, etc.), that activity will not be reflected in the reports listed here.

Retention Center

The Retention Center can be used to check how students are doing in the course. If you use Blackboard for collecting assignments and hold discussions and grade work, the Retention Center tool, available in each course under Evaluation in the Control Panel, can show you which students in your course may be at risk. 

Depending on your use of Blackboard, you may need to tailor the default rules to suit your teaching methodologies. The video below shows how to get to the Retention Center and how to modify rules.
Note: This information applies to the Original Course View only. 

IMPORTANT ERROR: If you see the following error at the top of the page, the results displayed by the Retention Center are not accurate.  We are aware of the problem and we are working with the vendor on a resolution.  Please use the Grade Center and Course Reports for tracking student performance.  A known problem has been filed for this problem.



Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard displays all types of user activity in your course or organization. All users enrolled in your course are listed, including instructors, students, teaching assistants, graders, observers, and guests. Pertinent information about each user's progress and activity appear. You can see:
  • Last Course Access: Displays the date and time when a user last accessed your course.
  • Days Since Last Course Access: Displays the number of days that have elapsed since the last time a user accessed your course.
  • Review Status: Displays how many items have been reviewed. For a detailed view, select the number shown. If the review status tool hasn't been enabled for your course, this column doesn't appear.
  • Adaptive Release: Displayed only if adaptive release is enabled in your course. Select the icon to open a new window that shows a directory tree overview of the entire course relative to a user and the access status.
  • Discussion Board: Displayed only if the discussion board is enabled in your course. Select a number link to open the Discussion Board page that lists all of the selected user's discussion posts in your course.
  • Customize Retention Center: Displayed only if the Retention Center tool is enabled in your course. This column shows the number of triggered rules and the number of total rules that may trigger a warning. For example, 2/6 means a user has triggered 2 rules out of 6 total. Select the data in this column to display a page that shows the Retention Center status for the user.
  • View Grades: Displayed only if the Grade Center is enabled. This column provides direct links to the Full Grade Center.
The following video shows where to find the performance dashboard and a review of the data it contains.
Note: This information applies to the Original Course View only. 

Course Reports

Instructors can run several types of course reports to view information about course usage and activity. You can view summaries of course usage such as which course areas are used most frequently and course access patterns for specific students. These reports can be very useful when a student claims to have submitted an assignment or test, but you cant see a submission. You can tell whether or not the student was in your course at the time that they say they submitted the assignment. If they weren't in the course at all, then their claim might not be true.
Report data is automatically refreshed every 4 hours for all reports except activity reports. Activity data is refreshed once per day at midnight. Reports are available in the same Evaluation menu that the Retention Center and the Performance Dashboard are. 
See Blackboard Help: Course Reports detailed explanation on what each report contains.
For general overall activity, LTS recommends generating a report using the Course Activity Overview option.
It is always good to set student success criteria during the design of your course to ensure you can easily see your students' performance. The LTS instructional designers or instructional support staff in your college can help you evaluate your options and set up the proper tracking mechanisms. 
Note: This information applies to the Original Course View only. 


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