How can I provide external colleagues access to UIC Qualtrics?

Guests (i.e., external colleagues) can obtain a NetID and password in order to access UIC Qualtrics or be invited to collaborate with a UIC Qualtrics account owner.

Access to UIC Qualtrics brand ( is connected to users' UIC NetIDs. This means that your external colleagues won't be able to create Qualtrics accounts on the UIC brand unless they are given a UIC NetID and password.

You can still share and collaborate on your Qualtrics surveys with a colleague’s free trial / sharing account by simply adding your colleague’s email address in the "Collaborate" settings of your project/survey:

Adding your colleague's email address in the "Collaborate" settings of your project/survey will send them an automatic email with a link that will allow them to set up a free trial/sharing account. Please note that free trial/sharing accounts are more limited than fully-licensed accounts, so there may be some features that are not available to your colleagues inside the free trial/sharing account.

Alternatively, if you want to provide your colleague with a fully-licensed UIC Qualtrics account, you may request that your department provide your colleague with an “external affiliation” which will give your colleague a UIC NetID and password allow them access to To request this, please speak to a phonebook contact in your department. You can find this person by finding your department in the UIC Directory Search and contacting anyone with the title “Phonebook Contact Person”.


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