Who can register .org domains for UIC?

UIC's internet domain name registration policy is listed below.

.org Domains

Top-level .org domains must be approved by both the Academic Computing and Communications Center (Technology Solutions) and the Office of Public Affairs.

The director or head of the department sponsoring the .org domain must register the domain (authentication required), stating that the .org domain is sponsored and approved by the department. The sponsoring department is completely responsible for .org content. The .org Web page must conform to the UIC acceptable use policies, UIC and University of Illinois policies, and any other general UIC requirements.

Domain Name Service (DNS) and CNAMEs

  • The Technology Solutions provides basic DNS and basic connectivity. We do not provide any special or customized services.
  • The domain name of your .org site must be in the form of www.xyz.org or anyname.xyz.org. No additional subdomains inside xyz.org will be permitted.
  • You must identify a site contact person who must be from UIC. All requests and problem reports to Technology Solutions must come through this site contact person. Non-UIC people connected with the .org or its consultants may not contact Technology Solutions directly.
  • All .org registrations will be CNAMEs (aliases) pointing at registered UIC hosts; that is,
    • www.xyz.org (cname) yourwebserver.yourdept.uic.edu or
    • www.xyz.org (cname) www.uic.edu/yourwebpages
  • Network support is limited to normal business hours, as time permits. Should your site consume excessive network or personnel resources, you will need to make other arrangementsfor hosting it. Hosting .orgs domains is not a primary mission of Technology Solutions.
  • Your .org site may not be used for any commercial purposes and may not contain commercial advertisements.
  • We do not host .org sites for students or individuals.

Domain Registration

Your site contact person is responsible for obtaining and registering your .org domain with Internic following the directions below.

  • The Office of Public Affairs has a bulk domain registration account, which provides discounted pricing for the registration of domains.
  • Domains for use with UIC programs, departments, or units must be registered under the name of the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and not under the name of an individual. There should be at least two different UIC contacts listed. This ensures that if one contact person leaves the University, the other will still be notified when the registration is about to expire.
  • If the .org site is hosted on an Technology Solutions server, i.e., www.uic.edu, we recommend that you designate the Technology Solutions, webservices@uic.edu, as one of the technical contacts.

Register your domain (authentication required).


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