What is the difference between a NetID and an Enterprise ID?

Authentication using either your NetID or EnterpriseID based on the campus service.

A NetID and an EnterpriseID are similar and for most people their NetID (for example: ​adabyron) is the same as their EnterpriseID (adabyron​). However, the two passwords associated with them are independent. Some services accept authentication using either a NetID or an EnterpriseID.

NetID Services:

  • UIC and U of I web applications
  • my.uic.edu Portal services
  • Establishing an Enterprise ID
  • Blackboard Learn
  • UIC-WiFi internet, email, public computers, and other services 

EnterpriseID Services:

  • Student and Faculty Self-Service (student registration, records, financial aid and accounts services; faculty teaching and advising services)
  • Employee Self Service (access timesheets as well as your personal employment and benefits information)
  • Administration Applications (access to UI-Integrate/Banner and related University business, HR, and financial applications)
  • Enterprise Authentication Service (A single sign-on authentication and session management service offered by AITS for many of the University's enterprise systems)


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